Spendwith Website

Spendwith is a startup with a mission to change the way minorities spend money. The founder wanted to create an e-commerce environment that spoke to minority buyers and spenders. He needed a UX designer with an understanding of user research and branding to create a solid foundation for his burgeoning product.

My Contribution

User Research, Branding, UX Design



Research + Discovery

Preliminary designs were created by a development team using a generic template. I used this along with the learnings from my branding workshop with the founder as context for user research.


I conducted user interviews, and the results highlighted a disconnect between what the founder envisioned for his brand and the existing design. Taking all of the brand and user researching learnings into account, I created wireframes with calm, familiar layouts that really spoke to the customer's need to feel special and elevated.


This was an early experience in translating specific user needs to both the design of the information and the emotional connection to the information. The founder could see the product he'd envisioned with the confidence of knowing it would resonate with customers.