Hubwoo Web App

Hubwoo is a global spend management company whose clients range from Monsonto to mom n’ pop shops. I was the first UX/UI Designer to join the team. After addressing some immediate design needs, I prioritized exhibiting the values of design beyond churning out screens user research and design thinking.

My Contribution

User Research, UX + Visual Design


Axure, OmniGraffle, Fireworks, Comic Life


Only one usability test had been conducted on a product that was 2 years old. The product organization was relying on cursory market research that had exceeded its limit of influence for the product. As the UX/ UI Designer with a deep understanding of user research, I knew that the product team needed a more holistic understanding of our users’ worlds, beyond duties associated with role. I conducted user interviews, usability tests, and card sorts with our customers.

The Takeaway

User research deliverables reflected insights gained from conversations with existing customers, including international customers. Hubwoo appreciated the eye- opening results, building empathy and understanding about how customers currently cope with products. User research also created an environment that began the design process with information hierarchy and task flows, as opposed to jumping into pixels.