Gozengo Web App

Gozengo was an all- inclusive travel provider that sought to simplify the typically daunting task of group travel management. Special attention had been given to the consumer- facing side, but the Call Center also needed a set of streamlined tools to successfully manage bookings.

My Contribution

User Research, UX + Visual Design


Axure, Sketch, Photoshop


I began with on-site observation sessions to see how Call Center Agents were currently managing bookings. I would go on to conduct user interviews that revealed how many different tools and processes Call Center Agents were managing while simultaneously tending to the needs of potential customers on the phone. Participants told me that our user research sessions were the first time they'd felt seen by the product and development team.


Knowing the high turnover of our call center, I knew that the product needed to be immediately understandable by new Call Center Agents. I created task flows and information diagrams to get consensus on how Call Center Agents should work, which created a firm foundation for wireframing and prototyping. Lo- fi prototypes were particularly helpful in remote usability testing, which paved the way for simple, non- intrusive visual design.


The Gozengo Call Center application was my first project to define and execute the entire design process, from user research through visual design. It was also the first time that I would see the design process support an otherwise ignored user population.