digital lincs

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Digital LinCS Web App + Customer Portal

A group of researchers in North Carolina needed a digital platform to make AIDS/ HIV treatment information for accessible for overlooked communities.

My Contribution

Discovery, Brand Definition, UX + Visual Design


Axure, Sketch, Invision, Zeplin

Getting Started

Digital LinCS had already conducted focus groups to identify some of the recurring themes and challenges with accessing treatment information, but the raw data needed to be translated into an actionable form. I created user stories based on the focus group feedback, and then used them as a springboard for brand definition. Going into the project, the brand identity directive was “hip hop,” but after walking the team through a branding workshop, I helped Digital LinCS see that trust, clarity, and comfort was really the brand experience that would most resonate with their intended audience.

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It was very important to start with user flows for this project. The Digital LinCS team had already created a complicated decision tree for matching different types of patients to different types of information. Inspired by their meticulous approach to the decision tree, I used its thoughtfulness as the common thread between the marketing website and the patient portal. After reviews and revisions with the team, I moved into the sketching and wireframing stage.

In the interest of time and clarity (the team was fully remote), I made clickable prototypes so that no interaction was lost in translation. Once the website and web app were fully prototyped, I moved into higher fidelity, leaning on learnings from our branding workshops. I presented the group with style tiles to get a sense of what sort of visual design direction resonated, then built out the entire experience with a fully fleshed out visual design.


I took a lot of care in helping the group use its photography to the fullest. Digital LinCS had really great photos of themselves, so I used those in the most prominent photography portions of the website. The team was really interested in using as much photography as possible, so I guided them in choosing stock photography that was credibly inclusive, even if that meant having fewer options.

Moving Forward

The team was really happy with the design process and have recommended me to other clients. I’ve continued to work with the developer to ensure that the Digital LinCS experience reaches disenfranchised communities who need this experience the most.